About Us

The best candle and costume jewelry designer and supplier from Kolkata, India, MIA Articrafts. MIA presents an exclusive gallery of Indian Handicrafts which reflect the true spirit of Indian craftsmanship along with art and style. We are the leading supplier of Costume Jewelry, Tribal jewelry, Fusion jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Decorative Candles, Aromatic Candles and Gel Candles in Kolkata, India. Our Aromatic candles or Tribal Jewelry items can be the best gift for any occasion. All our products are competitively priced and packed with highest quality.

Candle, Decorative Candle, Aromatic Spa Candle, Church Candle, Tea lights, Floating Candle, Gel Candle Designer and Supplier

Mia’s art candles are fantastically fragrant and beautifully designed for the candle lovers. They are hand poured with paraffin, beeswax or gel and have long burn time. Each has its own unique formula. Each is tested for quality, safety and performance. And each comes to our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The light, warmth, and elegance of Mia’s decorative candles enhance any occasion or environment. Customers choose us because of our dedication, artistry, uniqueness of our products, and the superior craftsmanship and quality of our Aromatic Candles.

Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Tribal Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry, Fusion Jewellery Designer and Supplier

We have a rich collection of high quality Indian Costume Jewelry art work, which is quite unique in its design. All the fashion jewelries are one of a kind and hand crafted by qualified and experienced artists and are available at low cost. Our tribal Jewelries are unique and made of brass, copper wire, white metal, beads, seeds and satin silk threads. We also have a rare collection of nature friendly jewelries made of dried leaf veins.

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